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April 2009 by Carol Hawkey
This article was published on Sunday 19 April, 2009.


The DIRECTIONS program is moving into a name change transition to SHOW ME SEW. Same products, same Lessons, same methods, just a different name. The whole process will probably take about two years. It should be mostly transparent to you, as we will be starting with Unit One and working through current stock, then reprinting with the new name. It is highly likely that whereever you are at in your lessons, you will be completing your set with the same name on the product packaging.


It is a photo contest. We really need (you knew that) some great photos of real kids wearing and/or using their finished DIRECTIONS - ShowMeSew Sewing Lesson projects and clothes. I've decided to bribe you with free Lessons, free fabrics, and expense-paid trips in exchange for your photos. Maybe even a new sewing machine. I will be selecting at least 3 photos for each and every Lesson Module in all Units to put on the website, and possibly on the new ShowMeSew package covers as well. Since I'm the judge, I get to pick as many winners as I want. I'll also be making a huge effort to select winners from all areas of the USA and Canada, however all countries' entries will be included!!

Way down the road, I'm hoping the winners will be available for a live fashion show at one of the big regional Sewing Festival/Event, or even a national Sewing Trade Show. The number one criteria is a great photo - well composed, good lighting, smiles. Indoors or out, posed or active, all are welcome. The number two criteria is a nicely-done project that follows the instructions exactly. Save your creative embellishments, changes, and ideas for our next contest. Send an email to Carol(at)ShowMeSew(dot)com and I'll send you the details of how to enter, prizes, and time frames.


The credit card processors have got to the point where their fees are too high - nearly 12% of the sale after accounting for flat fees. By comparison, your local mega-mart pays less than one percent, and average box-stores pay 3 or 4 %. ShowMeSew / Sewing Prose is just too small a company to get the lower rates. I really don't want to raise prices! Which would just raise the fees, too! Instead, I've decided to go back to using PayPal as our processor, and to make it easier to just write a personal check or money order for your order.

Just follow the clicky-buttons through your checkout process, and it will all come out right in the end. You can use PayPal without having to sign up for a full account there, and they will take care of billing your favorite credit card, or handling an ACH transaction from your bank account. What with higher shipping costs just around the corner, it should all come out even so I can still pay shipping costs for you if your order is over $55.00.

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